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Excavation Company

When the time comes to seek the services of a reputable excavation contractor, you will find no one better suited to serve you than Alpha One Contracting Ltd. Offering a full suite of earth moving services, we are capable of facilitating residential and commercial projects of all varieties. From basement excavation and land clearing to pond and pool digging, we do it all—and all for a great rate, too.

Homeowners and contractors alike entrust us to break ground on their projects. To ensure the success of your upcoming project, rely on the excavation services of our team. Our phone number is (780) 263-5024 and we cannot wait to work with you.

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All the Excavation Services You Need

We don’t believe in limiting ourselves. Doing so would inconvenience our clients. As a result, we proudly offer a full suite of excavation services for those in need. Whether you’re a homeowner tasked with unearthing an old septic tank or you’re a contractor that needs someone to conduct a basement dig-out for a new home, we can most definitely help you. Some of our most requested services include:

Pond Excavation

Ponds can add a lot of life to a private property or public park. If you want a self-sustaining pond with adequate depth and dimensions, rely on our team.

Basement Excavation

The success of a residential construction rests upon the quality of the basement and foundation. When the time comes to excavate for a basement, look to us.

Earth Moving

From pushing materials to digging and leveling out the earth, we do it all. As earth moving contractors, we are unrivaled in our region.

The Preferred Choice for Professionals

There is a reason why professionals and everyday people alike look to us—and it has to do with our commitment to perfection. We take time to familiarize ourselves with the wishes of our clients. In doing so, we ensure complete success at every turn.

Rely on Our Excavation Equipment

Experience counts for a lot in our industry, but it pays to have the right equipment for the job, too.

Rest assured, when you rely on our excavation company, you never have to worry about us being unprepared for work. When we sign on to a job, we arrive on site with all the equipment needed to carry out our duties with professionalism and ease. Our vast storehouse of equipment never fails to come in handy.

Call Our Excavation Team Today

If you are looking for excavation contractors in your community, look no further than us. With us overseeing the earth moving and land clearing, you’ll get the peace of mind you need to proceed onto the next phase of your construction project. Whether excellent results or lightning-fast turnarounds are your biggest concerns, we are the ones to work with. We don’t just reserve our excellence for excavating. Here, we ensure our clients feel respected and tended to every step of the way.

Call us at (780) 263-5024 to request our services.

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