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Alpha One Contracting Ltd is a grading expert with plenty of experience determining the correct slope and drainage solutions for each unique property we encounter. Our hard-working teams are made up of dedicated technicians who have been hand-chosen for the job. We go out of our way to ensure our crews are the region’s most experienced professionals, and we’ve equipped them with advanced excavation equipment that helps us to deliver on all our promises. When you need reliable partners who understand landscape site grading principles that produce long-lasting results, you need our dependable services. Dial (780) 263-5024 to schedule a consultation appointment.

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What Is Grading?

The first step in getting land ready for landscaping or construction initiatives is ensuring grading and drainage have been properly accounted for. So, what is grading, and why is it so vital to your property’s overall success, look, and longevity? We’re glad you asked. 

Whether you start with a flat ground surface or are working with slopes, grading is essential when you want to ensure the stability, durability, and proper drainage of a piece of land you plan to invest in. 

It simply involves moving earth from higher ground to fill low spots or changing slope direction and degree to channel water away from your home’s foundation effectively. 

Grading Types 

Different grading types help landowners achieve different goals. If you need to know which landscape grading services would benefit your goals the most, we encourage you to speak to our team for more detailed information.

Grading Work for Optimal Drainage 

If problems with pooling water or foundation cracks are the issue, or you’d like to take preventative steps, we’re here to help with grading work that promotes an ideal pathway for water to take—away from your investment. 

Learn more about our water redirection and drain installation options by booking a risk-free consultation today. 


When the existing surface has peaks and valleys, excavation work may be required to bring your landscape to grade. We’re equipped with the tools, equipment, and certifications to deliver the best excavation and grading services. Phone us to learn more about what we can do to trim expenses and meet your deadlines—without cutting corners.

Smoothing the Land’s Surface 

Sometimes even a level surface can look a little lumpy, especially if it’s been a while since your property was first established. If you’re looking for a highly refined surface with no mounds, smoothing the land’s surface or regrading could be your ideal choice. Call now for more information you can use to make the best decisions. 

Adding Topsoil 

If the space you’re planning to work in has a limited amount of good dirt to fill in an area, we may need to bring in additional topsoil. Talk to our technicians to learn more about when this option is necessary and what we do to ensure you have access to the best products and prices. 

Phone an Experienced Land-Grading Company 

Alpha One Contracting Ltd strives to be your first choice when you need a land-grading company that sets the bar for service and customer satisfaction high.

Learn more about how our teams work to keep your project moving forward as expected. Phone (780) 263-5024 now to get started. 

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